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Lexington Design + Fabrication Does Unusual Design/Build

It is a rare case that one firm can both creatively design and fabricate an entire museum from the ground up. Lexington Design + Fabrication accomplished just that for The Children’s Museum of the Upstate (www.tcmgreenvillesc.org), one of the most spacious and innovative children’s museums in the nation, which recently opened in Greenville, South Carolina. Lexington worked with the Museum’s team for over two years and a $20 million budget to transform 24,000 square feet – three floors - into a wonderland of one-of-a-kind exhibit experiences for children.

Lexington and TCMU

“Lexington is one of the few turnkey operations for both design and fabrication,” remarked Lexington CEO Richard Bencivengo. “We are honored to have done it all for this remarkable Museum team.” Lexington created 18 unique, interactive adventures to spur children’s curiosity about the world. These include a walk-through stomach, space exhibit with blast-off simulation, working TV studio, and ecology exhibit featuring Greenzilla, a whimsical giant dinosaur made of recycled materials.

Lexington and TCMU

One of the Museum’s top design priorities was to reflect the local Greenville area. Lexington designers met with numerous Upstate artists, scientists and professionals to tap their intellectual and creative resources for inspiration. “Involving the community in our design process has bonded the Museum to its citizens, and will provide familiar points from which young local visitors can spring into new experiences,” remarked Patti Drum, Lexington VP of Design.

This process produced several unique exhibits such as one celebrating the groundbreaking contributions of the region’s scientists to advancements in optics and lasers, and another with a seven-layer water table replicating South Carolina’s Reedy River, highlighting the area’s natural resources. The Children’s Museum of the Upstate is also one of the few museums to be LEED certified as a Green Building. Lexington designed it to exceed ADA standards, making it accessible to all children with special needs.

Lexington and TCMU